Welcome to the Stevie T’s Music

 STEVIET22Stevie was born in Los Angeles in the 60′s while is father was working as a jazz drummer in some of L.A’s hottest nightclubs. His father moved his family back to Canada were he continued to play. There was always music being played in the house. As a teenager Stevie’s father bought a set of drums for him to play, but when the guitarist kept leaving the bands that he had formed as a teenager, Stevie took up the guitar. Now playing and fronting bands for three decades he continues to perform, record, and teach music. There are two shows that you can see him perform. He does an up-tempo blues–rock show with Stevie T & Kingtone and also performs an acoustic show.

Stevie T & Kingtone got their name from a article in a guitar magazine that had shown a picture of a guitarist who had a massive set up of amps in a studio.

Stevie T & Kingtone formed in the fall of 1996, with the core of some very experienced musicians. The talent of these artists getting together created a mix of blues styles heard from Mississippi to Chicago and back to Texas. Throughout the 90′s and into the new millennium they have worked with Canada’s best and some well known touring US artists.